About Us

Death by Par Disc Golf was founded in 2015 by Justin ‘JT’ Taylor while attending grad school. Some friends suggested a round of disc golf at a cookout, and JT was hooked the first time out. As a beginner trying to learn the sport, JT found that there was an overwhelming amount of information about the discs and it was not consistent from one manufacturer to the next. Underwhelmed by the inconsistency in metrics used across manufacturers and lack of expertise at the commercial sporting goods store level, JT felt like he was on his own. He began to meet other players and gain experience, eventually competing in tournaments and becoming increasingly more active in the disc golf community. Noticing other inexperienced players struggling with the same challenges, JT became determined to use his organizational skills and background in analytics to develop new resources. Death by Par was born from this vision.

JT has met some amazing people along the way, and has been especially influenced by a small group of players he now considers family. These players embody the qualities of leadership, mentorship, and sportsmanship, making them exceptional individuals both on and off the course as well as true ambassadors of the sport. Among these individuals are the first members of the Death by Par Team.